Terms and Conditions


The website www.ehometrainer.com is owned and operated by Home Trainer Fitness Limited , who have offices located in Nigeria, and offers courses in the form of E-Books, Videos and Audiobooks all on the topic of health and fitness.

These general terms and conditions apply to the relationship between the website and the user, (hereinafter “you” or “user”).

All users must agree to the following­ terms and conditions before using this website, if you do not agree to these terms and conditions then please do not use this website.

Please make sure that you read these terms and conditions carefully. These terms and conditions are subject to change without prior notice.

  1. Registration

In order to use the products and services listed on www.ehometrainer.com then all users will need to first register for an account.

Registering for an account is free and there are no subscription fees.

A contract between the website www.ehometrainer.com and the user becomes effective when the user’s registration is confirmed.

When an account has been set up then the user will be sent an email to the email address provided at the time of registration where they are able to confirm their              identity and agree to open and activate their account.

The website reserves the right to any access to anyone opening an account without prior notice

         2. Products and Services

The website www.ehometrainer.com sells content for health and fitness including E-Books, Audiobooks and videos.

This content is available to purchase and download by any users that have an account. Users must have an account in order and download the content.
Once the content has been paid for and the payment has been processed then an email will be sent to the users account with information on how to download the            content.

         3. User Duties and Obligations

The services on www.ehometrainer.com are not intended for any commercial purpose. 

  • Users may use the services provided by www.ehometrainer.com for their own private and personal use only.
  • Only one registration account may be maintained by any one person.
  • Users are obliged to keep their log in information secret and must not pass this data on to any third parties.
  • Users are obligated to observe the existing copyrights and the other rights on the contents of service which are offered on www.ehometrainer.com.
  • Users may not reproduce, edit or make this content publicly accessible in any way. Users may not remove any technical protections or copyright markings from any of the content provided.
  • Users will need internet and broadband connection in order to access and download the products and services and this is to be provided at their own cost.

The content and information that is provided on www.ehometrainer.com is intended for information and guidance purposes only. If you suffer from a medical condition such as diabetes, obesity or if you are pregnant or have any other medical concerns regarding your health then you should contact a medical professional. The content on this website is not intended to be used as a substitute for expert medical advice and opinions


         4. Payments

All invoices will be electronic and will be emailed to the email address provided at the account.

All payments must be made in full ahead of the content being downloaded.

There is no shipping or handling fees and all products will be available to be downloaded instantly.
Payments are only accepted using the secure payment platform on the website. This platform uses end to end encryption to ensure payment security and protection.
All products available on www.ehometrainer.com are priced differently. The prices for the items shall be clearly displayed next to each item.

The following billing descriptor will appear on statements: ETHTF, NIGERIA.

         5.Deliveries and Returns

All items will be delivered instantly as soon as the payment has been processed.

All items are digital and will be delivered to the email address that was provided at the time of registration.

Depending on the file size, some items may take longer to download than others. If you are experiencing any difficulties with the download then please get in touch and someone will assist you with this.
All products are expected to be delivered instantly, but if it has been more than 24 hours since you received your confirmation email and invoice and have not yet received your product then there may have been a delay – please get in touch with us.
If the item that is delivered to you is different to the one that you ordered then you may be entitled to a refund – please get in touch with us.

           6. Termination

Users may terminate their account with www.ehometrainer.com at any time by providing written notice.

The website www.ehometrainer.com may terminate user accounts at any time and without prior warning if they suspect that any of these terms and conditions have been violated.
           7. Liability
The website www.ehometrainer.com shall not be liable for the users claims on the merits exclusively for losses of the user which have been caused intentionally or gross negligently by www.ehometrainer.com, its legal representatives, or other agents which are due to an injury to life, body or health which have resulted in a breach of duty by www.ehometrainer.com or one of its agents.

These limitations of liability apply to all bodies, employees and agents of www.ehometrainer.com.

           8. Governing Law and Jurisdiction

The place of jurisdiction agreed for all disputes which arise from the contractual relationship between the user and www.ehometrainer.com is the place of its registered offices in Nigeria.